Fall '15 Demo

by Valleys

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Vocals - Hayden French
Drums - Kevyn Reece
Guitar - Anthony Clark
Bass - Abram Gonzalez


released November 18, 2015

Recorded in Tulsa, OK in October 2015.
Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Luis Angel Quiroz.
Album Art: Anthony Clark.
Album Photo: Jackie David-Martinez of JDM Photography.



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Valleys Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Hardcore

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Track Name: Valleys
Fighting or falling
Disappointment weighs on my shoulders
I’ve fought and I’ve failed
I’ve watched my tears erode these walls
Cave in on my chance to be laid to rest
Each day digging a new grave

Every year of my life a pointless hole in the ground
I've fallen so far from where I began
My ground has proved to be sinking sand
And I’ve fallen so far from where I began

I am a perpetual wreck
Climbing out of this valley carved by my own stubborn will
I will never reach the top alone
Every move a misstep
And I can’t bear this weight on my back

Depressed and compressed
Grasping from something to fix my mess.
You’re my only hope for another breath.
Only hope.

You've showed me strength through suffering.
Taught through my disbelief.
All of you; none of me.
Without grace I am nothing.
Track Name: Hypocrite
I'm sick of this facade of happiness
This fake mirage of righteousness
I'm a hypocrite by definition
But I'm not defined by my transgressions

I've got the blood of the enemy flowing through my veins

I can't do what I want
I only do what I hate
Apologies won't be enough to fix my mistakes
'Cause I'm a liar
I'm a cynic
I'm a fake
I'm a critic
I can't live up to who I should be.
Track Name: X.I
I can’t stop reminiscing
Thinking back to the way things used to be
I’ve come so far in this past year
Grown so much. Faced my worst fears.
Through the long nights
I have no one by my side.

I’ve come to terms with loneliness
Focused on my past regrets
I've been secluded and alone
I’ve kept alive through window panes
Found clarity in passing lanes
Tried to find peace; running away

This year made me question everything
Showed me a new family
Revealed where I’m supposed to be
But how can I move forward when I keep looking back?
I’m always caught up in the past

I’ve come to terms with loneliness
Focused on my past regrets
I've been secluded and alone
I’ve kept alive through window panes
Found clarity in passing lanes
Tried to find peace; running away

I’m not holding back anymore
I'm done suppressing the anger I feel inside
I refuse to let this control my life
Fists raised. I'll fight.
I'll fight for my life
Against the dark side of my mind

I'll be able to sleep at night
After ripping this out of my life
My teeth clenched. Filled with anxiety.
Finally doing what's right for me
I'll fight for my life
Against the demons inside
I'll find some peace in my mind.
Track Name: Expectations
Even when you’re lost it seems
It's easy to give up on everything
Take a second to breathe
Let the waves wash you clean
When you're enraged as deaf as the sea
Pulled down by your insecurity
Break the shackles, be set free

But the pain you feel is wearing on me
You've lost yourself in what they want you to be

You're a beautiful rose in a world of chaff
Planted in the garden always under attack
Fighting to blossom through the thorns holding you back
But I said everything I said
I can't get these words out of my head
‘Cause you’re worth more than this

I’ve been pushing ink into your veins
Relating after I’ve stayed the same
Hoping that you would let me in
Praying you'd find some hope again
Does love really cast out fear
I know this isn't what you want to hear
But I can't see what you see
And I can’t change the lies you believe

Flawless hands cover cracked skin
Saving face, don’t let anyone in
Razor's embrace, emptiness
Cut the noose lose hopelessness

Lose hopelessness