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Andrew Kidd
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Andrew Kidd Definitely a band you don't want to sleep on. Fast paced hardcore with awesome lyrics. Support these guys and buy a tape! Favorite track: Broken.
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Vocals - Hayden French
Drums - Kevyn Reece
Guitar - Anthony Clark
Bass - Abram Gonzalez


released June 6, 2015

Recorded at The Closet Studios in Bixby, OK in February 2015. Engineered & mixed by Jacob Michael Scott.
Album art by Joseph Quentin Cutler



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Valleys Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma Hardcore

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Track Name: Failure
Forever failing in my own skin,
Nothing good of myself
My body houses all my sin
These demons clawing at my thoughts
I can't do this
I need something more
Track Name: Love Lost
Hatred spreading like disease
False perceptions of reality
What do you even see?
What do you really believe?

But when people look into my identity,
they see religion reflecting hate-filled society
Brood of vipers.
Fallen from the tree
White washed tombs.
Saved by their piety

You claim love, but portray hate
Losing your identity
Are you scared of your faith?
When all you preach is hate?

All love lost, yet you justify your own cost
All love lost, you missed the point of the cross
Track Name: Broken
I thought I knew your plan
Replaced your desires with my own selfishness
I thought I knew where I belonged
But after everything went wrong
I can’t accept that she’s gone
I see my own childishness has left me hopeless
I turned faith into idolatry
Lost every bit of stability

I've been running away from catching my breath
Sinking into the hole in my chest
Tossing and turning in fits of reverie
I can’t stop thinking long enough to sleep
Everything I wanted was ripped from me
Can I be saved by the skin (OF MY TEETH)

Instead of sinking should I start believing
Do you know what's best for me
My hands are shaking at the thought of finally being free
You showed me who you are, I finally feel some peace

You whispered through my passion
But now you're screaming through my pain
You are the only thing I have left
I’m on my knees
Please take all of me
Track Name: Facing Myself
My nails are dug deep into my complacency
My mind stuck in a spiral of apathy
Staying my own path, returning to the same dead end
Searching for the truth, but I’m always led back to you

I pretended to let you in
I was just a boy lost in himself
Even though I claim to let you in
I am just a boy lost in himself again

But I’ve fought so hard to grow
And now I’m failing on my own
Can’t look back to the place I once called my home
Help me look forward, carry my load
I can’t do this alone

The more you try to change me
I fight to stay the same
I never fail to stray
You call me back by name

Your goodness extends forever
And your hands will grace everything I touch
You are the one I’ve been looking for
My way to get out of this rut
You are what I need
To break my uncertainty
Track Name: Suffering
I cry out, am I growing through this pain?
Are you listening?
Have I asked too much?
Destined to suffering?
Take this from me
Please take this from me

But I am too simple, have led myself astray (LED MYSELF ASTRAY)
Why do I bear the storm when most only receive the rain?
Where are you in the person I became?
Why do you never show your face?
Am I the one who's to blame?
Nothing can separate even if I ran away
But after all that's happened I can't feel your hands around me
What's you perfect plan because I'm starting to see only suffering.
Is anxiety your peace?
Is depression your relief?
What do you want from me?
I'm fighting to believe